Embark Mortgage POS | Blueberry Systems

Embark – Point of Sale

Embark™ enables lenders using Blueberry Systems’ RELAY™ Loan Origination System to benefit from a complete end-to-end system from loan application through post-closing, shipping and insuring.

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Relay Loan Origination Software | Blueberry Systems

RELAY – Loan Origination System

RELAY™ is the next generation of loan origination software (LOS) technology that provides you with the peace of mind that comes from seamless production and strict loan quality. Rather than simply survive until the next time, RELAY gives you the freedom to grow and thrive.

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RelayWatch Loan Origination Dashboard | Blueberry Systems

RELAYWatch – Management Dashboard

Within our mortgage lending software we offer RelayWatch™ – a custom desktop and dashboard reporting tool that blends information coming from different systems or sources and offers an at-a-glance view of current production stats in real time, optimized for exceptional performance. Detailed information can be exported directly to a number of different formats, including Excel.

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Manifest Imaging Software for Documents | Blueberry Systems

Manifest – Enterprise Imaging Solution

Manifest™, our enterprise-scale document imaging solution, allows you to easily capture documents and store them as part of the core loan record. Manifest can function as a third-party service or be integrated into your workflow to do things such as generate tasks.

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